We're Solving the World's Problems in Agriculture, Pollution and Energy with Bio Science.


We can DOUBLE growers' yields, increase crop quality and health, and improve soils. Our process technology is SUSTAINABLE and 100% Organic!

“ Unique technology
is the foundation
for all we can do.“

Pollution Remediation

We offer all encompassing remediation on-site and in-place. Be it coli forms, nitrates, ring compounds, long-chain hydrocarbons, MTBE, pesticides, toxins, PCB’s, and much more.

Bio Energy - The Renewable Frontier!

In 2013, we will be undertaking new projects in the USA; for high yield ethanol and for biodiesel. With yields several times any other methodology, these green projects will prove to be very cost effective and highly profitable.

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Complete Solutions

Our biotech offers complete solutions for agriculture, pollution, foul odors, pest control and bio energy. We solve grower's soil and yield problems, remediate a wide range of contaminates, and produce high yield bio energy with our network of licensees worldwide.

Our bio technology has two major unique advantages:

First, our process technology is truly unique and dominate, enabling us to accomplish dramatic results no other methodology can approach.

Secondly, we can accomplish our processing and results on-site and in place. We are truly the 'one stop' problem solver!

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Our next projects and opportunities:

Our revolutionary fertilizer is about to start another pilot plant in Chino, CA. Samples will be available locally in about 45 days from our California licensee, EnviroMendBioTech.com.

We license our proprietary biotech to operating companies throughout the world. Email us for full details on how you can leverage this unique and profitable opportunity to work for you.