Organic Bio Solutions

Biotechnology for the accelerated treatment of organic waste.

We understand that the best way to treat waste is where it is generated, and our Modular Technology makes it possible.


Climate change changes everything.

We cannot go back, but we can look forward and take action.


Recycling of organic matter.

Our Organic Matter Recycling system consists of three well-differentiated processes:

Years of research to bring you the best.

At BIACTRO TECHNOLOGY we have created a new model for waste management.

Previous crushing

The reception of Organic Matter from different sectors of activity is directly crushed without intermediate storage times.


In this phase of the process, organic waste undergoes Homogenization, Hydrolysis, and subsequent Bio-catalysis.


Process of reactivation of the recycled product obtained through decomposer organisms and detritivores existing in the trophic chain.

A sustainable way to manage waste.

Transform your waste into Fertilizer in just 24 hours.

Biactro Technology

Future technology for organic waste recycling today.

Make your waste profitable.

Save costs. Our solution completely eliminates all organic waste to produce an organic type A fertilizer in 24 hours.

In compliance with regulations.

The guidelines set by Europe are very clear. By 2020, 50% of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) must be recycled, and 70% by 2030. Our solution fully complies with these regulations.

High-quality crops

The fertilizer we obtain from recycling has enough quality to provide sufficient nutrients to any soil, allowing any area to be converted into an optimal cultivation zone without prior treatments.

Biactro Technology Fertilizer

Our innovative Biactro® technology directly transforms between 85-95% of organic waste into fertilizer.


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